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Accounting and Assurance

Year-end accounting services and financial statement preparation

When it comes to year-end and financial statement preparation, everybody has different needs. Our firm works with you individually to assess and address your accounting and assurance needs, providing the services efficiently and cost effectively. We can prepare financial statements with three levels of assurance:

Bookkeeping assistance and consultation

As well as providing regular bookkeeping services, our team also helps clients resolve accounting software issues and prepare unusual or complex entries.

Payroll services

Our payroll department is proficient in providing biweekly or monthly payroll services. For businesses that prepare their own payroll throughout the year, we also provide annual payroll reconciliation and T4 preparation services. Further, we can help with WorkSafeBC reporting and general advice on employment-related issues.

Trust audits

We provide trust audit services to legal professionals and real estate brokerages.



Tax compliance is the basis for most of our corporate year-end engagements. We review each client’s unique circumstances to recommend the most advantageous tax filing positions. Our goal is to ensure tax returns are filed accurately and on time.

Before incorporation, our firm works alongside corporate lawyers to advise on corporate structuring that will maximize the after-tax cash in our clients’ hands. Over the life cycle of the business, we continue to monitor the results and the needs of the business and its shareholders, and advise when corporate restructuring is in your best interests to match the evolution of and long-term strategy for your business.


Our team of experienced personal tax professionals can efficiently and accurately prepare even the most complex personal tax returns. By asking the right questions, we strive to claim all the tax credits and deductions you might be eligible for.

Whether you’re an unincorporated business, have complex investment portfolios, or have unique income and expense situations such as rental properties, pension income or employment expenses, we will prepare your personal tax return correctly and on time.

In more complex personal tax situations, we can provide longer-term tax planning strategies for your consideration.

Estates and Trusts

We understand the goal of ensuring your estate is structured and administered in accordance with your wishes to maximize the after-tax benefit to your beneficiaries. Our assistance starts with the tax planning for the estate and continues with the necessary compliance tax filings and winding up the trust at the appropriate time.

Not-for-profits and registered charities

A registered charity has more stringent reporting and filing requirements than other not-for-profit organizations. There are also a number of operating and financial regulations that govern these entities. We can help you navigate this landscape by helping to interpret and apply the regulations, and making sure you file the necessary compliance documents each year.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Provincial Sales Tax (PST)

Everybody in the Columbia Valley – whether a business, an organization or an individual – has their own set of circumstances that govern whether they must register for GST and/or PST. We can help with that determination, registration and ongoing compliance. Further, we help our clients to apply the legislation to specific transactions, to make sure you report, pay and collect the appropriate amount of tax.

CRA audit assistance

Inquiry or audit by the Canada Revenue Agency can be a stressful experience. With our experience and knowledge of tax and audit procedures, we can act as your representative, help you understand the process, and compile the necessary documentation and response.

Non-resident tax

Some non-residents of Canada have tax obligations in this country as a result of the activities they carry on here, such as owning real property. Further, certain payments made to non-residents by Canadian individuals or companies have tax-withholding requirements. Our team has in-depth knowledge of these requirements. We can help you determine whether non-resident tax issues apply to your situation, and ensure you are compliant with the Canada Revenue Agency.

Consulting and advice

Purchase and sale of business

When buying or selling a business, the financial outcomes and tax costs can vary greatly depending on how the deal is structured. We work with you and your lawyer to ensure the structure used will meet your current and future needs and protect your interests.

Decision-making support

When business owners and individuals find themselves faced with major strategic decisions, such as expanding their business, acquiring major assets or refinancing, our firm is prepared to help. Many of these decisions will have a major financial and/or taxation impact. We provide assistance and analysis to help you better understand these impacts to your life and business.

Succession planning

Our firm has been serving the Valley for over 50 years. In that time, we’ve helped many business owners transition their business to new ownership: within their family or to an unrelated party, or simply winding up the business in due course. We work with you throughout the business life cycle to establish a plan to secure your retirement, and execute that plan when the time comes.