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Owner-managed businesses – corporate (limited companies) and unincorporated

Our goal is to provide professional and personalized service that will help your business be successful.

Owner-managed businesses form the economic foundation of the Columbia Valley, as well as our client base. We assist both incorporated and unincorporated businesses by providing a full spectrum of professional services including:

We have extensive experience in a variety of industries including construction, hospitality, retail and professional services.


We will help you minimize your tax and maximize your return.

Many individuals and families in our community use our help to prepare and file their personal tax returns each year. We are well-versed in the changing personal tax landscape and stay up to date with the continuous changes to tax law, to minimize your tax and maximize your return. When necessary, we assist our clients with compliance and audit requests from the Canada Revenue Agency and other tax authorities.

Not-for-profit organizations and registered charities

We have the experience to take the challenge out of complex regulations and diverse situations.

Not-for-profit accounting can be challenging, and for those organizations that are also registered charities, the rules and practices are even more specialized and complex. Our partners and staff are experienced and knowledgeable both as accountants and advisors to these entities, and also as board members and volunteers. Our services for not-for-profits and charities include:

Public sector

We have a long history of providing audits and related services to a wide range of public sector entities, and continue to provide those services.